Quality of the product is with Mirell company on the first place! For this reason, we do our best to keep the quality on high level to serve our customers the best HANDBALLWAX on market.


Thanks to being constantly tested, for example on skin sensitivity, ourproducts are guaranteed. This way our product is consequently tested by independent dermatalogical institute, which cooperates with international regulations.

Recently was carried dermatological study of HANDBALLWAX. With pride we can announce, that Mirell - Handballwax, in this thorough test reached result "Very good". All tested products were qualified as careful to skin and meets requested requirements.

Mirell company will of course always keep an eye on keeping the quality of product, to serve the highest grade hadballwax.


Here you can see the certificate:

Mirell Man
Mirell Woman

25. 11. 2013


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02. 09. 2013

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